A Sister

 Being a Sister

(Copied from a Teaching of Noah Taylor)

Being a sister in the Body of Christ carries many blessings and responsibilities.The blessings are initially much easier to see than the responsibilities, so it is easy to get an idealist view of how things work in everyday situations if you are only visiting.
Seeing women living 2 or 3 families to a house sharing household and parental tasks is a most beautiful thing to view and lends itself to being a wonderful revelation of the church. (See Psalm133) Yet to coexist in the Unity of the Spirit and maintain a happy house is a challenge to the most ardent follower of Christ. It does not just require a commitment to “keeping the peace” but rather a full time picking up of your cross and following everyday (and sometime every moment) the Christ of the Scriptures. All the beautiful “scriptural admonitions” that looked nice on the living room wall become a real challenge to walk out with your fellow housemates. Phrases like “staying accountable”, “keeping clear”; “putting another’s interest ahead of yours” must become a way of life. It is easy to think of how much I love the brethren when I only see them for a couple of hours a week. Yet living day in and day out together in one house requires me to come face to face with the reality of the truth of …“in as much as you do it to the least of these …You do it unto me.” (Matthew 25:45) Often we hear visitors remark “How do you do it …I couldn’t even live with my relatives or immediate family and do what you do.” The truth is neither could we. This way of living can only be accomplished if we live by faith and grace that is liberally dispensed in large amounts every single day. The fact is to live a life that could not be lived except God gives faith to sustain it is one of the reasons we have chosen this way of life. What is required every day in the life of the Sisterhood is to stay connected to Christ. If Christ and His commandments are not purposefully and consistently obeyed, this life cannot be lived. If we abide in Him and His commandments He will empower us to live a life that brings Glory to our Father and find the fullness of joy. (John 15:7-11) Therefore all sisters are their sister’s keepers. We are responsible for one another.
The strong must bear and help the weak and the weak must commit to becoming stronger.
Sisters must be devoted first to Christ and then to one another.